Bot Agency Chatfuel Template

Bot Agency

Author: Natasha Takahashi, School of Bots  • Use this template

Plug-and-play agency template that will generate appointments with inexpensive and qualified leads, follow up with leads, automate client and lead support, and educate users on how the agency's services work (e.g. chatbots).

Hotel Chatfuel Template


Author: Nick Moussoulis • Use this template

Increase booking requests and automate communication with your guests upon arriving at your hotel.

Realtor Chatfuel Template


Author: Arpit Choudhury • Use this template

Generate buyer leads, qualify them and show them matching properties. Ideal for realtors dealing in homes, users can also request callbacks and schedule visits. It comes with detailed instructions about the setup for easy customization and integration with Google Sheets/Airtable via Integromat.

Events and Conferences Chatfuel Template

Events and conferences

Author: Csenger Szabo • Use this template

The most complete template for events and conferences! Event agenda in beatiful carousel. Users can RSVP to events and get notified automatically before they start! Automated feedback gathering! To customize: you literally only have to fill in a table with your event data! SIMPLE.

Lead Scoring Chatfuel Template

Lead Scoring

Author: Dana Tran • Use this template

Helping you build a lead score feature to nurture your subscribers and identify your warm leads

How to use templates

You can choose a template when creating new bot. If you haven’t used Chatfuel before, just get started now for free and create your first bot. Or log into Dashboard and click ‘Create from Template’ button in the upper left corner.