Tools and tips to track and boost the growth of your bot

Chatfuel Team, August 3, 2016

We’re excited to share new tools and tips to make it easier for you to grow your bot and track its usage:

Analytics are here!

View metrics at a glance in your Chatfuel dashboard, including:

  • daily active users
  • user retention
  • user activity (broadcasts sent, broadcasts read, messages processed)
  • your most popular blocks and popular buttons with usage statistics
  • the most common phrases users type into your bot

You can also view advanced metrics like session length, user locale, top input per plugin—and you can create segmentation based these metrics and much more.



Get personal

You can now add parameters to any text, gallery and plugin card! Try it out by entering “{{“ in a text field to get a list of all parameters available.





Promote your bot with a new cover

Just upload our Chatfuel cover images to your Facebook page, and start driving more users to your bot — or take our idea and make your very own design. You can check out our Facebook page cover photo with an example arrow and a short text in the Promotion tab of your Chatfuel dashboard.