One of the most powerful features we offer for Messenger chatbots in Chatfuel is Sequencesessentially the bot equivalent of an email drip campaign. In short, this feature allows you to send a specific set of messages to users over time based on a certain action they take. It gives you more flexibility over what content is delivered to which user segments, and when.

Sequences are perfect for re-targeting and optimizing conversions via chatbots, so they can have a major impact on your business and its sales. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so you can learn what you need to know to get the most out of this robust, Messenger marketing tool.

The eight most useful elements of Sequences

We designed the Chatfuel platform to be as easy to use as possible, and the Sequences feature is no different! Here are its top eight elements we think you’ll find most useful:

  1. Drag and drop. Chatfuel makes it super easy to manage your bot’s content. Reuse or rearrange existing pieces of content into Sequences simply by dragging and dropping.
  2. Cloning. If you want to reuse a Sequence or a specific block from a Sequence for more than one group of users, use the Cloning feature. You can clone as many times as you like within a bot, or from one bot to another.
  3. Plugin availability. Chatfuel is compatible with all kinds of different plugins, so you can customize your bot to suit the specific needs of your business. For example, you could place a GoToBlock, set it to “randomize,” and immediately be able to A/B test your Sequence messages.
  4. Stats. A major part of building a successful bot is keeping track of how it’s performing once you launch, and adjusting as needed. To monitor how your Sequences are doing, we made it easy for you to track your users through the flow and monitor drop-out rates, both on specific messages as well as entire Sequence sets.
  5. Custom delays between messages. It’s easy to set any timeline you like for the messages in a Sequence. Simply select the number of days after a trigger when you’d like the user to receive the messages. For example, you could set the first message to arrive one day after they sign up for your newsletter, and the next to deploy two days after that.
  6. Subscribe users to a certain Sequence. There are three ways to do this in Chatfuel. First, you can simply filter to show the users you want, then send them a message that will subscribe them to a Sequence. You could also use the Subscribe to Sequence plugin in a block. Or, on the Pro plan, you can do this manually for certain users from the People tab.
  7. Track and compare performance. You can do this through REF links, which link directly to a specific part of your bot. If you create three different Sequences, for example, and share the unique REF link for each one on a separate platform (Facebook, your landing page, your blog, etc.), it’s easy to compare and see which one performed best. You’ll be able to tell which one got the most subscribers in total, and which had the most subscribers reach the end of the sequence.
  8. Collapse and expand groups. Because the screen can start looking a little cluttered when you have multiple Sequences set up in your bot, we built in the ability to collapse and expand groups to make things easier to see.

Plus, as always, Sequences are totally free to use! This feature is available on both the free and Pro plans, and we don’t limit how many of them your bot can have.

Example of how to create a Sequence

How to use Sequences to benefit your business

Trust us—there are lots of ways! A few examples of what you could use Sequences for in your business include:

  • Gather or convert leads that would’ve otherwise been lost. You can use Sequences to send message(s) to someone who was interested in your product, but didn’t purchase, or follow up with those who attended an event. It’s easy to create a follow-up Sequence to reengage specific users.
  • Add value and keep users engaged. With Sequences, you can share educational content with users on a specific timeline. For instance, a language-learning course could send a new word in the target language each day to provide extra value and help keep students engaged with their studies.
  • Provide a customized user experience. Chatfuel’s People tab allows you to assign attributes to and segment your bot’s users. As a result, it’s easy to personalize the content you send them. If a user or group of users have shown interest in a particular topic or product, you can send relevant, targeted Sequences to them.

When it comes to applications for this feature, the sky’s the limit. Any series of messages you want a user to receive after taking a certain action can be easily sent on a custom timeline with Sequences. Want to see this feature in action? Watch our helpful video:

Important tips for using Sequences

First, make sure to utilize Facebook’s pre-set tags for each message you create in your Sequences. Remember: If you fail to accurately tag your messages, Facebook could ban you from sending them at all.

It’s also crucial to note that you must always give your users a way to unsubscribe from any of your Sequences. If not, a user who no longer wants to receive them may resort to blocking your bot. That information is then sent to Facebook as negative feedback, which could lead to your page being blocked, banned, or deleted.

Finally, know that your bot must be connected to a Facebook page in order for it to work—even just for testing. If you’re trying out a new Sequence and it’s not firing, that’s likely the reason. If you try out a new Sequence once, make an adjustment, and then can’t get it to fire again, you’ll need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the Sequence. Make sure to do this after each time you try a test.

Boost your business with Sequences, starting right now

Want to give your bot’s users a more personalized and valuable experience? Looking to recapture unconverted leads and improve sales? If you’re not using Sequences with your bot yet, now’s the time!

If you’re new to Chatfuel, sign up for free today to get started with this and the many other helpful features our platform has to offer. If you’ve already built a Chatfuel bot and need help with this particular feature, check out our step-by-step, how-to video, or visit our active Facebook community to exchange experience with other users.

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