Revamped analytics, Go to Block, and Audio/Video plugins

mm Chatfuel Team, December 22, 2016

Christmas is almost here! We have several gifts for you. Hopefully you will like them.

New analytics

We are happy to introduce the newly-revised version of the analytics module. From now on you are able to:

  • select the time period;
  • see how many of your users still subscribed to your bot;
  • see daily gain and loss of users;
  • see daily active audience.

Also note that we have changed the definition of active user. We no longer count as active those users who received the broadcast, but didn’t read it.

Go to Block plugin

From now on you can create quizzes, personalize sections of your bot (different experiences for different user groups), lead users to a random block, and much, much more. To sum it up, this new plugin enables you to create far more flexible and complex chatbot experiences than ever before.

Audio and Video plugins

Increase your bot’s engagement by using embedded audio and video right in the Messenger.