In an effort to help individuals and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're making the creation of Messenger experiences easier and more accessible.

We’re offering the following until June 1, 2020 (and possibly beyond):

  1. Free access to all Pro plan features for nonprofits and qualified individuals who are offering emergency aid / information as a public service. Qualifying organizations should apply here once their chatbot has been built and is ready for review. Use our free COVID-19 template to help you get started, then check out our help documentation, blog, and YouTube channel for more bot-building tips and advice.
  2. Continued access for all to the broadest free plan in the market, so businesses can easily get started with Messenger automation.
  3. Free weekly onboarding and live office hours for anyone who needs help setting up their Messenger bot. (This service was previously reserved for VIP customers only.) Sign in to our community to get access to it.

We offer these solutions with two goals in mind:

First, we want to support the dissemination of correct and helpful information about the virus from reputable organizations to the public. Messenger bots are a powerful, widely accessible method for doing this.

Second, we want to support business owners and employees whose livelihoods are being threatened by the pandemic. Since in-person communication between businesses and customers has become challenging or even impossible in many cases, Messenger bots allow these conversations to continue safely and effectively online. Bots also provide an avenue for low-cost lead generation for those who are still able to do business in these uncertain times.

Facebook is also offering free services for government health organizations and UN health agencies, including developer resources and an online hackathon to tackle COVID-19 issues.

The Chatfuel team—and the global Messenger community—is committed to helping businesses, nonprofits, and public-service organizations get Messenger experiences up and running as quickly and easily as possible, so we can navigate this unprecedented situation as best we can, together.

Are you an experienced chatbot marketer or agency willing to share your expertise with emergency services and affected businesses? If so, let us know here, and we’ll connect you with those that could most use your help setting up their bots.