Maintenance is over

Chatfuel Team, July 24, 2015

Usual commands are back! ?
You can send them IN YOUR BOT:

? /locale
The language selector allows you to set your commands (the one your subscribers will see) in one of the 10 languages we suggest: English, Français, فارسی, Español, Italiano, 中文, العربية, Deutsch, עברית, Русский

? /botkey
Get the key that you can use to automate your bot. Here is a tutorial:

Now that the situation is the same as prior to the maintenance (but of course faster), we will add new functionnalities to Paquebot! ?

Your bots are back

Chatfuel Team, July 23, 2015

Wow! The first step of the migration is done.

It was a big surprise for us to have so many people using your bots! The problem was that our small infrastructure was not ready for that ?

We decided to move the servers to a new provider that will allow Paquebot to grow without limits, instead of our static dedicated server.

Why it took so much time? Because the first version was only an experiment, for fun ?. Now that you’re all using it, we coded a clean version in less than 2 days ?? (the first version took more than week). Of course, some elements are still missing (commands “apikey” and “local”, but they should arrive really soon!

You can use the /paquebot command on your bots again!!!

Languages support

Chatfuel Team, July 16, 2015

It’s now possible to make your bot available in different languages: open your bot, type /locale, and you can choose the translation you want! ??????

All the Paquebot administration will still be in english, but all the automatic messages sent by your bot to your subscribers will be in the chosen language (“Subscribed to @NewsPaquebot” will become “در @NewsPaquebot عضو شدید.” for example).

If there is any error in the translations, please let us know. Also, if you want to suggest your own language, contact us:

Au revoir ??

Bots public profiles

Chatfuel Team, July 15, 2015

For example, here is our page:

Simply replace “newspaquebot” by your bot name in that link, and your own link is ready! ?

We will improve these pages soon, so you can send us your ideas (design, content, functionnalities, etc…) here:

Have fun!