Get featured on the StoreBot!

Chatfuel Team, August 11, 2015

Our partner, which is the number one bot store for Telegram Messenger, gave Paquebot 5 tickets to receive an exclusive promotion reaching hundreds of thousands people! Deadline: Friday…

We have just added a tool that will help you to reach new users and increase your audience in a very simple way: the “/promote” command! It will make your bot available on the most popular bot store ???

??? To celebrate that new command, our partner, which is the number one bot store for Telegram Messenger, gave Paquebot 5️⃣ tickets to receive an exclusive promotion reaching hundreds of thousands people! ??

Do you want to participate? No problem, follow that link:

The deadline is Friday, until 23:59 (UTC), so be hurry up! ?

We are really enthusiastics about that, and are looking forward to see your submissions!!!

Good luck everyone!

The new mailer is ready

Chatfuel Team, August 10, 2015

?? The new version of our mail service is available, way faster than the previous versions.

We took that opportunity to improve our connexion with the database, and to separate the servers receiving your commands and the broadcasting server: the emails are faster, and now the commands quickly get answers again!!! ?

We already sent more updates than we ever did (almost 10 millions today), and everything runs fast! This diagram will help you to understand how it works now: /attachement_mailer ?

You can continue the /paquebot command as usual ? Also, we now show you a preview of what will be sent to your users.

And finally: bots are back in the groups. The only difference is that they only answer to commands starting with a slash (“/”) ? Keyboards are not displayed in groups.

Let’s broadcast everywhere ?

Custom keyboards, new options

Chatfuel Team, August 7, 2015

Now that you have custom commands, you can add custom keyboards, to receive specific answers from your users! ?

For example, on our bot @NewsPaquebot, there is now a command called “Read tutorials”. We can now ask users to answer me which tutorial they want to see, between “Custom commands” and “Auto-updates”. To do so, it is simple, we have to to send one command button” on each line:

> /commands keyboard Read tutorials
> Auto-updates
> Custom commands

The applications are multiples: create sub menus, suggest to load an other random picture, make a step by step tutorial, make a podcast with links to the previous and next episodes. ?

Don’t forget to create all the answers to your texts ?

Enjoy it!

Custom commands 2.0

Chatfuel Team, August 6, 2015

We just enabled the /commands tool on all your bots! It will allow you to create bots that are able to answer directly to your users ?Now let’s check what is new:

You can add commands based on everything a keyboard can type: “/contact”, “⚓️”, “Hello”, “Pictures ?” are all valid commands!

The bots are now able to answer in every format supported by Telegram: pictures, videos, audio, mp3, locations, text, or every kind of file.

You can add as many answers as you want to your bots: that mean that when your bot needs to reply to a request, he will choose one of the answers. And you can mix the file types (sometimes answer text, sometimes audio, sometimes pictures, for example),

The commands don’t require to be all displayed on the keyboard anymore. You can hide the one you don’t want to display, and only show the interesting one!

Start to add answer, then upload your photo album, the music album you just made, and then exit: everything is uploaded in one command!

Here is a new tutorial that explain step by step how to use it:

Have fun, and make your feedbacks here: ?

Enjoy it!

The Paquebot Team ⚓

Enable or disable your keyboards

Chatfuel Team, August 4, 2015

Small improvement requested by some of you: the /showkeyboard command, which allows you to enable or disable the display of commands keyboard on your bots. ☎️?

Use “/showkeyboard yes” or “/showkeyboard no”. For your information, the commands keyboard displays the “/start” and “/stop” commands, but also the one you can create with “/setabout” and “/setcommand” ?

Something bigger will arrive soon!

Send us your tutorials

Chatfuel Team, August 1, 2015

?????????? Did you write a tutorial in your own language? Let us know! We will publish a link to your website on our website, speak about it on Twitter, here on @NewsPaquebot and maybe even put it in the official bot documentation (coming soon).

? You can also start to write a new tutorial now! Here is some inspiration:
You can also add more informations, for example by speaking about the /setcommand, /setabout or any other trick you know about @Paquebot ?

Send your links to

Chatfuel Team, July 29, 2015

Create your own community bots for Telegram, without server, without code, from a simple interface: a Telegram chat.

Better commands implementation

Chatfuel Team, July 27, 2015

We’ve updated the commands support: we now display the commands on the keyboard ?☎️???. You have at least the start and stop commands shown, but also the about, if you’ve used the /setabout functionality ? And on the top will be displayed your custom commands (made with /setcommand ?)!

But that’s not over: we’ll improve the commands functionalities soon! And a lot of new stuff are ready to be coded, because your ideas are really good!!! Contact us whenever you want: /support ?

Enjoy your professional looking bots!

Custom commands are available

Chatfuel Team, July 25, 2015

We’ve updated your bots: you can now add your own commands, with custom text! ?

How to use it? For example I want to set a “/credits” command.
1) Open your bot
2) Type this: /setCommand credits This bot was made by me, and it looks good! ???
3) Test it by typing: /credits

That’s it, it’s ready!

Don’t forget to send your commands list to the @BotFather, so your subscribers will have all the shortcuts.

Be creative, and create your best commands!

About command

Chatfuel Team, July 24, 2015

As many of you requested it, we implemented the /setabout command. It will be displayed to welcome people who /start your bot).

This text is also available when you use the /about command (if you set it with the bot father). For that command, there will also be a link on the bottom, to inform people about how your bot is made ?

The about text will be displayed on your bot profile:

Enjoy it !!! ?