Our Zapier app is now official!

Chatfuel Team, March 18, 2016

Now you can easily sync almost any app with Chatfuel!

Bots made with Chatfuel are powerful tools, but scheduling broadcasts regularly and syncing with your favorite app can sometimes require a specific customization. You probably already have some popular posts on social networks, events on your calendar, or articles on your blog, but they’re stuck there. Moving them into Chatfuel can take time, and lots of copy-pasting.

Our integration with Zapier makes the whole process automatic. It can take your content from almost anywhere — Zapier connects with more than 500 apps !— and send it to your Telegram audience with Chatfuel. You won’t need to worry about manually importing texts or links — Zapier handles the heavy lifting for you.

A few examples:

Using Zapier with Chatfuel, you can automatically:

It’s easy to get started

Get started right in your bot, or visit the Zapier website to learn more.

To get started right in your bot:

How to use Zapier

  1. Just type /chatfuel to open your admin menu.
  2. Tap “⛽️ Automate”.
  3. Tap “? Autoposting”.
  4. Select a service, and follow the instructions.

That’s it! The external service is now synced with your bot!

To learn more:

Check out our Zapier page to discover more use cases and sign up for a free account. Have a workflow you need to automate that you don’t see here? Please let us know!