Now you can get all the features of TechCrunch bot

Chatfuel Team, July 5, 2016

TechCrunch bot was recently recognized by Facebook as one the “top experiences on the Messenger platform”. We’re thrilled to roll out its key features to everyone and see how you use them to inspire others!

Here’s how to take advantage of the new features:

Use the TechCrunch bot template to start playing with these awesome new features, including:

  • Small Talk template: This feature is amazing—it allows your bot to interpret your users’ requests and then chat naturally with those users. You can customize your bot’s answers, so it replies using your own slang. Check out TechCrunch bot to see how they’ve set up 100+ conversational rules, and how those rules work in action.

  • Recurrent broadcasting: Now you can send news updates automatically—just pick any days and times you like. You can choose your user’s time zone or your bot’s (we default to user’s time zone). Then sit back and relax—no more need to publish manually.

  • Subscriber plugin: Now you can subscribe a user to specific RSS or Search plugin updates at any moment during the bot flow (not just by asking your users to tap Subscribe). So you can subscribe users to the best news during their onboarding, for example. Check out the TechCrunch bot to see how it’s done.

  • Global parameters: Finally, we’ve fleshed out our parameters list with per-user data from Facebook, like user name, user_id, and locale. So now you can customize your answers in our RSS, JSON, and Search plugins.