New Persistent Menu, User Attributes v 2.0, and Templates

mm Chatfuel Team, March 28, 2017

We’ve released full support for the new Persistent Menu from last week’s Facebook update. You can now create nested menu levels and disable free-form text input. Also, we’ve added a huge update to the User Attributes that allows you to segment users based on their name, user ID or geographic coordinates.

New Persistent Menu

The new Persistent Menu from last week’s Facebook update allows you to:

  • Create localized menus for users with different locales (that are set up in the user’s phone settings).
  • Disable free-form text input (you might find it useful if your bot is mainly buttons/webview-based).
  • Create nested menus up to 3 levels deep, which enables you to create up to 75 menu items in total.


User Attributes v 2.0

We’ve made tons of improvements to User Attributes, which now enable you to:

  • Filter users based on their RSS and Search subscriptions;
  • Filter users based on any attribute including last name, ID and numerous others;
  • Make powerful JSON integrations using attributes {{last purchased item}}, {{last user freeform input}}, and Facebook page-scoped ID;
  • Use “starts with”, “greater than”, “lesser than” operators in addition to “is”, “is not” in the User Filter.
  • See the exact number of users with each attribute value.



As you may have noticed, we’ve revamped our templates section. Now both new and advanced users can get maximum value out of it.


We believe that one of the best ways of learning is by example. With that in mind, we encourage you to share your own best templates with our community. For example, we are currently looking for the following:

  • Conference / Event template
  • Customer service / first line of support template
  • Community template (sports, computer games, or volunteer activity – related)

Reach out to to share your templates.