New AI Setup, Postbacks in JSON plugin, Call and Share buttons

Chatfuel Team, November 10, 2016

We’re excited to announce the launch of several eagerly awaited features: random answers and quick setup of plain-text answers in AI; postbacks, quick replies and user variables in JSON plugin; share and call buttons; typing plugin.

New AI tab: random answers and quick setup of plain-text answers in AI

We’ve completely reviewed our AI tab, allowing you to:

  • Set up plain-text answers right in AI, in addition to referring blocks.
  • Specify several random answers, mixing text replies and links to blocks
  • Moreover, if you need to copy-paste possible user phrases from, for example, Excel, you can do it in a single copy-paste.


Postbacks, quick replies and user variables in JSON plugin

We’ve covered almost all known cases regarding JSON plugin. Now you can make deep and powerful integrations. For example, you can make a JSON that searches rooms available for booking. Then, after clicking on a particular room’s Book button, your server will get new request for booking, with this room’s ID. The answer will then be rendered to the user.

Also, we enabled Quick Replies, Share, Call buttons and setting user variables in JSON.

Find more JSON examples and documentation in our help section. 

Share button


Share button in da house! Now it’s much easier to ask subscribers to share your bot – just add this button to the gallery:

Sharing is now a one-tap action.


Typing plugin

Use it between text bubbles to add a human touch to your bot. You can also use it preceding plugins, which can take some time to process, such as RSS and Search:



  • Call button
  • Create a block directly from AI rule
  • Full title of the block is shown in the button