Maintenance is over

Chatfuel Team, September 6, 2015

Finally, everything is ready!

Two days ago, we made a maintenance on all your bots: bots receiving more than 30 requests per second are now able to work correctly without reaching the Telegram limit! They are not slowing down the system anymore ???

Yesterday, we made a maintenance on @Paquebot too (the bot that install Paquebot on your bots), and improved it: keyboard, friendly commands and direct install by forwarding a token! ?

Today, Telegram made an update (but we did nothing), where about 20% of the bots took more than 12 hours to be back. @Paquebot was unfortunately one of them, and our only solution was to wait for Telegram to solve the problem on their side. ? (Note: If your bot is still offline, try to /revoke your token with the @BotFather, and forward the new token to @Paquebot)

The situation is now stable, Paquebot is faster than ever! Enjoy your amazing bots!!

Tomorrow, we will add small stuff that most of you asked during the last weeks: remove start and stop buttons, display bot administrators, etc. Bigger updates will arrive during the next days!!! Your bots will stay online during that maintenance ?