Keyboard + Admins list

Chatfuel Team, September 8, 2015


As promised, tonight we implemented the possibility to improve the display iof the keyboard, and there are now 4 possibilities:

1) Show all the keyboard commands
2) Hide the whole keyboard
3) NEW: Display only the custom commands (remove start & stop)
4) NEW: Show only the default commands (remove custom commands)

Of course, when you hide something from the keyboard, the functionality is still available. Only the keyboard visibility is impacted when you change the display ?


Some of you noticed that you can have multiple administrators for one bot. If you give them the token, don’t forget to revoke it with the BotFather after that ?

And we just implemented the admin list function. Only you can see it, so your users won’t be able to contact you, except if you publish your username on your bot, of course! Type “/showAdmins” in your bot to see the list, to check if anybody else got your token and improve your bot security ?

Enjoy these new commands, we will add bigger options soon!