Blocks and Structure

What are blocks and bot’s structure?

A block is a basic building block of your bot. It consists of one or more message cards that are sent together to a bot user.

You can link blocks with each other using buttons in text cards or in gallery cards.

  1. Create a new block you want to link
  2. Create a button in an existing block, fill button caption and choose previously created block name in button action

When your bot’s user taps the button, they’ll receive all the messages the new block has inside.

What are groups?

Groups help you as a bot creator to organize your bot’s blocks.

  • You can move blocks between groups
  • You can move blocks inside a group
  • You can create, delete, and rename blocks, except in the default group

What are the «Welcome message» and «Default answer» blocks?

These two blocks have some magic behind them.

The «Welcome block» is always shown to all new users after they tap «get started» or send their very first message. You can keep the link from the welcome message to the main menu, or you can delete it if you don’t want to show the main menu after the welcome block.

The «Default answer» is like a «homepage» for your bot users. This block is shown when a user sends any message (except for messages that are being recognized by the “AI Setup” tab). You can answer to some user messages with other blocks. Go to “AI Setup” tab to choose what block to show based on your user’s input.

You can make your bot transparent – by adding «Live chat» plugin to «Default answer» block. Now if your users types anything not recognised by AI, he will get into live chat session with you as Facebook Page admin.