HelloFresh is a weekly subscription box service that delivers fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to your doorstep. Subscribers enjoy all the benefits of healthy, home-cooked meals without the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping.

The Bot

The company built a Messenger experience with the goal of reducing average customer care response time. Freddy (HelloFresh’s chat persona) can answer frequently asked questions and respond to common customer service inquiries, acting as the first line of defense before involving human agents.

Hellofresh Reduces Customer Support Wait Time with Chatfuel Messenger Chatbot

The Results

“Since launching Freddy the FreshBot,” says Jordan Schultz, Team Lead of Marketing at HelloFresh, “we’ve decreased our response time by 32%, despite a 31% increase in incoming messages.” Powered by Chatfuel, this Messenger experience improves customer happiness and optimizes HelloFresh’s community management resources.

“As far as community management and customer service go, this was our biggest reduction in average wait time in a given month. Also, the Black Friday activation through the bot has generated 5x more daily users than average on Black Friday. The Black Friday effort had a 64% conversion rate.”

HelloFresh Messenger Chatbot generated 5x more daily users
HelloFresh's Black Friday post that helped them generate 5x more daily users than average

Another key feature of FreshBot is its ability to deliver seasonal content. During the Thanksgiving season, users took a fun quiz — built with user attributes — that matched them with personalized recipes or products. Results were based on whether the user was a host or guest, preferred to cook or not, and the number of guests attending.

The Recipe

HelloFresh used the following tools and techniques to achieve these impressive results:

  • Text & Quick Replies: The main structure of the bot is built using simple text cards and quick reply buttons, which combine to create a seamless user experience. Users can get answers to FAQs by tapping quick reply buttons with suggested topics. If live, human help is needed, FreshBot can instantly connect the user with a member of the HelloFresh Support team directly within Messenger or via phone.
  • Comment Acquisition: The Black Friday Activation was possible using Chatfuel’s Acquire Users from Comments feature. This growth tool allows your bot to automatically respond to comments left under your Facebook post. Set it up to respond only to specific comments based on intent, or to every comment regardless of its meaning.
  • Gallery Cards: When it comes to seeing food online, we eat with our eyes! HelloFresh uses gallery cards to showcase mouth-watering photos of suggested recipes, in addition to using a ‘Get Recipe’ button that links to content hosted on their blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your first Messenger bot and get results like HelloFresh!

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