Fully localized bots and plugins, performance improvements and great bot examples from the community

Chatfuel Team, August 24, 2016

We want to thank everyone for reaching out last week and sharing their feedback; it helps us to improve with every update and provide a better user experience for all of you! Keep it flowing. If you haven’t head down to the Chatfuel Community to tell us what you think.

This week we have some great news for bot builders who are creating bots in languages other than English.

Fully localized plugins within bots

While Chatfuel supports many languages, some plugins didn’t translate well. To fix that we’ve added new localisation options.
When creating or editing plugins you’ll notice a new localization option where you’ll be to translate messages within the plugin to your liking.
## Performance improvements for in the Dashboard for power users

We’ve improved the experience for power users who have more than 100 blocks for their bots. They will experience much better performance when editing their bots in the bot admin Dashboard, enabling them to make even more advanced bots.
Chatbots are picking up steam quickly and our two examples today have been employed successfully in production for huge fan bases.

Toronto Film Festival Bot

The Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) is one of the highlights of the cultural calendar with over 400000 visitors a year.

TIFFBOT is there to help you find a great film or two to check out during TIFF, based on the genres you enjoy. An excellent use case for a festival with over 300 movies!

Check out their Blog article on how they approached the process here!

Cheerz Bot

The Cheerz bot has been brought to our attention by no one less thanFacebooks David Marcus. Cheerz currently boasts over 290k friends on Facebook.

With it, you can print out your photos pretty quickly, in just a few steps and it’s a great example how brands can utilize bots for their campaigns.

(French only for now)


Sincerely, The Chatfuel team