Beauty Player is a cosmetic startup in Taiwan whose mission is to enhance the skin’s natural beauty. Their most popular product is a facial mask, which prevents breakouts by absorbing oil and dirt buildup. The brand helps customers restore their skin’s glow and their confidence.

The Problem

Most startups endure growing pains and Beauty Player is no exception. Orders were flooding in from around the world, but their support team couldn’t answer customers’ questions fast enough.

Cosmetic startup Beauty Player packing and shipping the products
Packing and shipping orders in December 2017

The Solution

So they built a Messenger bot to automate FAQs about shipping, discounts, and affiliate opportunities. Chatfuel “helps Beauty Player solve the problem of not having customer support 24/7,” says Fash Chang (Marketing Director @ GoSky AI) who built the chatbot.

Onboarding sequence in Beauty Player’s chatbot
Onboarding sequence in Beauty Player’s chat experience

Increasing brand awareness through education is another component of the chatbot. The bot asks users whether their skin is dry, oily, or sensitive then offers relevant skin care tips. Beauty Player also recommends an appropriate facial mask (and coupon code) from their product line.

The Results

Approximately 40% ($250,000) of Beauty Player’s total monthly revenue in May 2018 was attributed to their bot powered by Chatfuel.

The brand ran Messenger ad campaigns that reduced their Cost Per Conversion by more than half — from $8.30 to $4.06 — and achieved a healthy 10X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Using Chatfuel's Acquire Users from Comments
Facebook video ad using Chatfuel’s “Acquire Users from Comments” feature

Beauty Player’s AOV (“Average Order Value”) also grew 10% because “users learned more about the brand” through the bot’s educational content and “added greater quantity of product per user,” says Chang.

“We believe that when we bring the top-level digital marketing strategy (Facebook ads + Chatfuel bots) to all the traditional SMEs and startups, we can help make their dream come true. And this is our dream.” — Fash Chang, GoSky AI

Beauty Player’s overall strategy was simple, yet brilliant:

  1. Bot distributes coupon codes to users
  2. Humans match users who redeemed coupon and purchased mask on website
  3. People Tab exports matching users (most likely to purchase) for Lookalike Audience sample
Chatfuel's People Tab
Example of user data segments available in the People Tab

The Recipe

Beauty Player achieved epic results using these Chatfuel features:

  • User Attributes: The bot greets users by their first name for an added touch of personalization. Beauty Player also uses attributes to segment subscribers based on their skin type, which is saved for later use in retargeting campaigns.
Quick reply buttons in Beauty Player's chatbot
Skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, etc.) are populated as quick reply buttons. The user’s choice is saved to an attribute.
  • People Tab: This PRO feature let Beauty Player export a CSV file of subscribers who placed an order on their website. The brand uploaded this customer data to Ads Manager to create a Lookalike Audience of its most valuable customers. This allows Facebook to extrapolate the data (finding new users who share characteristics similar to existing customers) and significantly decrease CPC while increasing ROAS.
  • Facebook Ads: They combined Facebook’s impressive data targeting with Chatfuel’s rich set of customizable tools. It’s easy to connect Messenger ads to Chatfuel blocks using “block name: Welcome message” as your payload in Ads Manager. No need to decipher confusing code!
Comparison of Chatfuel and Json response
Comparison of Chatfuel’s simple Ads Manager payload configuration versus custom-coded JSON response
  • JSON API: Beauty Player uses this plugin to gain insights about when users are interacting with the bot. It helps the brand re-engage users who have recently dropped off and retarget those who have not redeemed their soon-to-expire coupons.
  • AI Tab: Users can freely type “my skin is dry/oily/sensitive” at any point in the chat experience to browse recommended products and skin care tips. This gives users greater freedom because they can bypass the bot’s menus and buttons.
If the user’s message matches an AI rule, the bot will redirect them to corresponding content.

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