Convert your website visitors to your bot users 

mm Chatfuel Team, July 5, 2017

Checkbox and Send to Messenger plugins allow you to gain new bot users from your website

If you already have a website with an active audience, converting those users to your bot subscribers has never been easier. Make use of Send to Messenger and Checkbox plugins to get new bot users with as little friction as possible.

Send to Messenger plugin code generator


The code generator feature will provide you with a piece of code you can insert on your website in order to display a “Send to Messenger” button. Upon clicking the button, the user will become subscribed to your bot.

Checkbox plugin code generator


Checkbox plugin allows you to subscribe a page visitor to your bot with a specific action defined by you. Use the code generator to get the HTML and JS codes and place them on your page.

Code generators for both plugins can be found under the Grow tab.