Since the beginning of time, customers have always asked us: “Can my support agents use our existing CRM (e.g. HootSuite) to interact with people who are talking to my Chatfuel bot?” Our standard response was always “no” — unless you wanted to develop some crazy API integrations. But today, with the release of our new Conversation Handover plugin, that all changes.

You can think of Conversation Handover like our Live Chat plugin on steroids. Both plugins serve the same general purpose: to hand over the conversation from bot to human. While both plugins flag bot conversations that require human attention, Conversation Handover lets you integrate with the third-party CRMs you’re already using. This way, your customer support team doesn’t need access to Chatfuel and, therefore, can avoid the learning curve of a new workflow.

The new plugin lets you use our app as the “Primary Receiver,” meaning Chatfuel is responsible for automating general conversations. The Secondary Receiver is HootSuite, for example. This app takes over the conversation only in specific circumstances you choose, such as when a human agent is needed for live support. A new ticket will be created in your Secondary Receiver app whenever a chatbot user triggers the Conversation Handover plugin during a conversation.

We’re thrilled to finally release Conversation Handover! We know it will save you valuable time and prevent a few headaches. You can follow this simple, 5-step guide to get Conversation Handover up-and-running in your Chatfuel bot today!

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