Clone pieces of content between bots – groups of blocks and AI rules

mm Chatfuel Team, June 30, 2017

Creating new versions of your bots is now easier than ever

Many of our bot admins have been asking for the ability to reuse groups of blocks as well as AI rules in several of their bots. Previously this was only possible with cloning of entire bots and deletion of the unnecessary pieces of content.

Cloning groups of block

Now you can clone a group of blocks from one bot to another, thus reusing specific content and flow scenarios between your bots.

Creating and cloning groups of AI rules

Grouping of AI rules makes maintaining and updating the rule sets much easier. Create groups of rules thematically – Greeting Phrases, Smalltalk, Navigation, FAQ, or in whatever fashion that suits your setup.

Use the Drag & Drop feature to organize your existing ungrouped AI rules.

You can also clone groups of AI rules between bots.