Templates have arrived!

We launched Chatfuel with the goal of democratizing bot building. Non-technical people wanted the opportunity to design meaningful experiences without coding; we empowered them to do it.

Over time, we added more features that made Chatfuel the most flexible tool on the market. We provided the building blocks to everyone from celebritiesand global publishers to freelancers and local restaurants so they could create powerful experiences that positively impacted their audiences.

The hard work was worth it. People inspired us by creating things we had never imagined. These generous people went above and beyond by sharing what they built with our Community.

Today we’re proud to officially call these individuals Chatfuel Creators. We’re thrilled to finally pull back the curtain and launch a dedicated space for sharing templates!

Because when it comes to Messenger marketing, we’re all in the same boat. If bots are spammy or poorly designed, the industry will suffer. Our marketplace is a gateway for sharing experiences that lift up the industry as a whole.

If you’d like to help shape the future, please submit your template.

Most importantly, let us know what templates you’d like to see!