Chatfuel is the leading chatbot platform for Messenger. We at Chatfuel believe that chatbot marketing is not a question of future, it’s a fact of present!

Chatfuel can help businesses increase sales, decrease marketing costs and automate customer support. Our main goal is to free up the time and increase profits of a business by allowing them to use an advanced bot for tasks like lead generation, lead qualification, responding to frequently asked questions,  screen applications,  schedule meetings,  make reservations, orders… you name it!


The purpose of our blog is to help our users to take the most of their bots!  We are here to offer solutions for bot usage in all niches and industries.
We are trying to learn every day about the most common obstacles for our users, so we can together find the best solutions to overcome those.
That’s why we can consider your submission only if you meet these norms (Pay attention: #1 is obligatory + you need to be one of #2 or #3 or #4):

#1 Active Users    To be eligible to write for our blog, first of all you must have an active Chatfuel account. That means that you have already been using our chatbot for some time, you learned how to create a great effective flow and you learn how that affects your business, so you want to share best practices with other users.

#2 Industry Experts   Apart from your experience with our messenger bot you are also an expert in your industry. You tried a lot of things, failed sometimes, and succeed other times. That’s why you know which tips and tricks are a highway to hell, and which ones are roads to success.

#3 Those in particular industries or role  Or you are having that role of magician  in your agency that makes even the most demanding clients happy.

#4 Chatbot Enthusiasts Chatbots are your field of expertise, and there is no obstacle for you. You already help a lot of people from different industries.


If you found yourself in any of above proposed combinations, lets proceed to next criteria:

What kind of content do we want to see on our blog?
#1 Original  When we say original, we are thinking of both: topic and the article as a whole. Be wise, be creative, be unique. But, also - be searchable.

#2 Useful  To be searchable means to be useful. So do your research: what are the most demanding unresolved problems that people encounter when it comes to usage of messenger chatbots, messenger marketing... in general, or in a specific niche. You can even brainstorm in our community, and get a common solution.

#3 Researched  Well researched articles are always the best articles. Also, be sure your tips are really working, and back yourself up with some screen shots, videos, and/or links to existing case studies.

#4 Educative The one thing that excites everyone here in Chatfuel is constant learning, development, and growth. And it is very important for us to do it together wit our users.  We hope you have the same feeling about this, and that your article shows it.

What kind of content we won’t consider for publishing?

#1 Spammy
#2 Promotional
#3 Press Release
#4 Out of chatbot industry

Please, be aware that you are here to make a contribution to Chatfuel’s Community. We are  here to grow together, not to spam.


Content Requirements:

#1 Each sentence should contain semantic meaning and organic aspects. Be sure to read everything you wrote, maybe your thought has been changed somewhere accidentally.

#2 Put yourself in the reader’s place. Maybe a lot of things for you are working by default, because you spent so much time  learning them, or maybe it’s your daily routine to do it, so you don’t recognize it as something that needs explanation. So whenever you finish a piece, go through it once again and check every term, every step that you put in text, and think did you know what it means when you were a beginner in your field?

#3 Academic nausea of the document should not exceed 8%. No one wants to read article that no one can understand. Same advice like for #2

#4  The article should not contain spelling and punctuation errors. Be sure to proofread it. Send it to your colleagues, to your friend or to your parents. Doesn’t matter, just check your grammar.

#5 The uniqueness of content should be 93 - 100%. Use your own words, and if you are incorporating someones sentences or article paragraphs, please link to those properly.

#6 No irrelevant links. If we notice that there is any unnatural linking which is clearly for promotional purpose and it doesn't contribute to the article in whole, we will be forced to unlink the phrase.

#7 Length of the article. The ideal length of the article goes from 1000-1500 words.  We won’t consider anything that goes under 1000 words, or is over 2000 words.

#8 No fluff, please. We are all here to learn, not just to pass our time. So please be respectful to all readers and their time.

#9 Visual Formatting. Be sure to enrich  your article with enough relevant photos, screenshots, and videos than can help the readers understand everything you want to say.


If you got to the end of the page, we can say you are pretty patient and really excited about sharing your insight  -  and we can’t wait to see what you got!

When you go through all the steps, make sure to send us your draft, along with your short biography and a photo, as well as some links to previous content you wrote.

Please make sure to subject your email with 'Article Submission'.

Feel free to send everything to our content managers:

Bojana Vojnović: bojana@chatfuel.com

Mary Rybakova: rybakova@chatfuel.com