Adjust your bot content depending on  source of user traffic

mm Chatfuel Team, December 20, 2016

Chatbot entry points

Previously each bot had only one link, which lead to the single Welcome message. Now you can generate a unique URL for each block. Clicking on that link will lead a user to that particular block. Note that this functionality works for both new and existing users.

Here are some of the ways you can use this function:

  • Link from a Facebook ad direct to the block with goods your bot sells.

  • Add special experiences in your bot. A Christmas promo perhaps?

  • Track sources of your users.

Note that parameter from the link is being saved to {{ref}} variable, so you can use this information in other blocks and broadcasting segmentation.

Analyze and improve your broadcasts

Hail the broadcasting history and statistics! New features allow you to play with content, buttons, time, segmentation to find a combination that suits your needs and drives user engagement.

Also we’ve made broadcast management a bit easier – you can now view the content of each sent broadcast, and clone “Send Now” broadcasts.