A myriad of plugins

Chatfuel Team, June 24, 2016

We’re thrilled to share a myriad of new plugins for Chatfuel. Plugins can connect your external sources of data to your chatbot. By powering your bot using plugins, you can do so much more with your bot—like sending custom messages through JSON, subscribing users to RSS feeds, sending daily digests, and more.

Play with our new publisher template

Check out a publisher template we created using these new plugins. You can chat with it here or just go ahead and clone it to your dashboard to customize it.

Get started with JSON & Search

Here are a couple of highlights we’re thrilled to share:

  • JSON API: We’re really excited about this plugin. It lets you show your JSON-based personalized data as a gallery, text card, or image. You can use a static URL or a URL with a parameter saved in our user-input plugin. And we provide you a template to guide you with the right JSON format.

  • Site Search: Here’s another cool one. Our site search plugins let your users quickly search across all your content. You can use a specific request or a parameter saved via the user-input plugin. Also, users can subscribe to updates using RSS plugin, and you can set the number of results your chatbot displays.

Simple to find and use

Access all our new plugins quickly and easily from your bot’s dashboard:

  1. Just create a new block.

  2. Add a card.

  3. Select “Plugins,” and you’ll see all the new plugins that are available, with a description of each.

We hope you’ll give our new plugins a try and let us know what you think.