Major updates: Multi-admin accounts, Zapier integration, a guide for users, and more

Chatfuel Team, August 18, 2016

You’ve asked, and we’ve been listening! We’re excited to share these new features:

Collaborate with other Chatfuelers—introducing multiple admins

We’ve rolled out support for multiple admins on Chatfuel, so now you can invite other admins to manage your bot, or even transfer your bot to a new owner.
First, visit the Settings tab, where you’ll see a new Admins section:

Screenshot 2016-08-16 16.13.40

Click “Invite admin”, and you’ll get a link to share with your fellow future admin to join your session. After they accept the invite, they can edit the bot in their Chatfuel dashboard and even connect it to pages they’re managing.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 16.15.04

Zapier integration

We’ve been working closely with the Zapier team to enable you to use Zapier’s powerful platform to extend your bots’ functionality and make your bots even more powerful.

Zapier is an excellent way to connect your apps and to automate workflows—it moves info between your web apps automatically, so that you can focus on your most important work.

Just create a new Plugins content card to get started. Add your Zapier integration of choice, follow the instructions, and your bot will share new updates within minutes.

Feel free to browse through the recommended Zaps or build some on your own!

Check out more Chatfuel integrations on Zapier

Say “hello” to your bot’s menu and “goodbye” to lost users

All chatbots now feature a persistent menu, where you can easily add shortcuts to important blocks or help lost users start over with a link to your bot’s welcome block.

You can add new items to your persistent menu or edit existing ones in your dashboard’s Settings tab.

Links to blocks in JSON plugin

We’ve updated our JSON plugin, so now you’ll be able to link to a block in your bot’s structure by using this syntax in the button array:

“type”: “show_block”,
“block_name”: “Finish”,
“title”: “Finish Shopping”

For more information about our JSON API, check out the full JSON API plugin docs at

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